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The Power Monkey Podcast

Feb 8, 2023

We are so grateful to have Carl on this weeks podcast. Carl was one of the coaches early on in CrossFit that were really trying to help educate people on proper gymnastics movement. But Carl took it a step further and really dove into how to take artistic gymnastics and mold portions of that to what would serve a CrossFitter best. Carl has a clear passion for helping people to reach for and achieve their best, whether it's through his gymnastics coaching, his New York Times best selling book "Freestyle", or through his lifestyle coaching, which he is most involved in these days.

Carl's candid and honest nature made for an incredibly enjoyable and thought provoking conversation that we could not get enough of. We can't wait to welcome him back for another episode.

Carl's SM: @carlpaoli

Carl's YT: @iamcarlpaoli


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