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The Power Monkey Podcast

Dec 14, 2022

This week we welcome multiple time CrossFit Games Athlete and former Professional Hockey player Adrian Mundwiler onto the show. Adrian is an absolute specimen out of Europe who has been dominating the European competition seen. But what we found most enjoyable to chat about with him about was his view on training and more specifically the coach/athlete relationship and what is most important there. Adrian is an incredibly cerebral athlete who journals after every competition and attacks his weaknesses with a diligent and deliberate approach. What an absolute pleasure to have him on the podcast today.

Adrian's IG: @adrianmundwiler

300: Why Adrian competes so much

700: Strategy at smaller competition vs. the Games

1045: Competing in Sweden

1400: Adrian training solo vs with other Games athletes

2100: How Adrian reflects after competition

2230: Adrians background as a pro ice hockey player and how that influenced his training and programming

2710: Why Adrian made the jump from Pro Hockey to CrossFit

3030: Adrians knee injury

3245: Dave talking about injury being an opportunity 

3345: How Adrian took advantage of his injury

3700: Adrians strength gains

4400: What Adrian believes makes a good program

4800: Dave talking about Nike and Adrians new shoe

5200: Adrians internal mantra

5600: Power Monkey in Europe

5850: Last min questions


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