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The Power Monkey Podcast

Dec 6, 2022

Its surprising how long it took us into the life of this podcast before we invited today guest on. Vanessa McCoy is a long standing member of the Power Monkey team, and is without question the most well rounded athlete on our team. Having competed extensively in both gymnastic AND weightlifting, Vanessa brings a unique perspective to the team. Outside of competed nationally and having lived and trained at the Olympic Training Center, Vanessa is a former CrossFit gym owner as well as gymnastic club owner. All of this to say that Vanessa shared with us some of her philosophies on training weightlifters today while leaning on some different methodologies from her seasoned past. We love Vanessa, we respect her greatly, and we cant wait for you to get to know her a bit more on this episode.

Vanessa's IG: v_real_mccoy

245: How Dave and Vanessa first met

630: Starting convo about the IF3

730: Vanessa talking about the international nature of the IF3

920: What are the tests and how balanced they are

1015: What the strength workout was this year at the IF3 world championships?

1330: The IF3 judging standards

1630: What was the Skill workout?

2210: What was the Endurance workout?

2410: the IF3 Open World Championships coming up

2530: How Vanessa met her husband Cogen at Power Monkey Camp

3115: Upcoming competition plans for Vanessa

3230: Vanessa as a coach: Her philosophies (accessory training)

3415: Examples of some explosive work that Vanessa has her clients do

3700: How Vanessa includes strength training into her gymnastics clients

3930: Vanessas top recommendations for a gymnasts training

4445: Opinion of more gymnastic included at the Games this year

4730: What Vanessa would like to see at the Games

5215: Final questions

5915: What Vanessa has coming up


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