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The Power Monkey Podcast

Nov 30, 2022

On a special episode of the Power Monkey Podcast today, we have the trio of Dave Durante, Chad Vaughn, and Chris Hinshaw discussing the specifics surrounding their creation: Capacity WOD. Capacity WOD is a program designed to supplement your current program in small bite sized chunks. Specifically, this protocol is designed to help athletes improve their ability to recover during and after a workout so that they can increase their overall capacity to do work. Dave, Chris, and Chad have been testing this out for the past 4 years, with much of the methodology coming from Chris' many years of endurance racing. This is not an episode that you will want to miss.

CAPACITY WOD on IG: @capacitywod


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345: What is Capacity WOD as a methodology

530: What is active recovery

840: Why Capacity WOD helpful

1600: Clearance workout description

1800: Tolerance workout description

2430: How to manipulate and customize the workouts based on your needs

2745: Tolerance vs Clearance

2900: Example of a core capacity wod workout

3210: Example of D-ball workout with Fraser

3530: Duration of the intensity component

4000: Example of Clean DL workout

4120: How can athletes incorporate into their training

4535: Athlete ownership