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The Power Monkey Podcast

Nov 23, 2022

We had the pleasure of speaking with CrossFit Games Athlete James Sprague on this episode of the podcast. James is a young athlete, having competed in the teen division at the Games multiple times. However, what we found most impressive about James is how mature the mental side of his athleticism is. We spoke at length about James ability to masterfully strategize a workout to win in competition (as witness by his most recent appearance at the Zelos Games), as well as how mentally strong he is when it comes to self belief and focusing on his goals and career. For such a young athlete at only 20 years of age, we are really looking forward to seeing what he is capable of in the years to come.

James' IG: @spraguerrrr


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3:45 - James golf game

8:00 - Moving away from home so young to go train

10:35 - James issues with knee pain over the years 

12:15 - Pre-hab exercises for knee health

13:45 - Learning how to be a mature athlete

16:15 - Matt Torres making a personal connection with the athletes

19:45 - James career plan

21:45 - Did competing at the games as a teens help

23:55 - Strategizing workouts

26:45 - Talking about workout 1 at the Zelos games

32:05 - Talking about gymnastics at the Games for a big guy

36:00 - Explanation of the new scoring systems at the Zelos Games (Z-Score)

46:45 - Competition plans for 2023

48:45 - College, getting a degree

52:15 - Self Belief