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The Power Monkey Podcast

Nov 24, 2021

For our 100th episode, we decided to take some listener questions through social media regarding training philosophies and have a couple of our Power Monkey Coaches join Dave and Chad to answer them in our first ever Coaches Roundtable. We invited the world renowned coach Chris Hinshaw and the CrossFit OG coach Jason Leydon...and we know that you wont be disappointed with this discussion. Enjoy!

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We are excited to announce that Power Monkey is now offering Kettlebell courses in addition to our Weightlifting and Gymnastics courses.

The RX Kettlebell crew of Jeff Martone, Zach Filer, and Adrianna Kara are now part of the Power Monkey Team.

Check out our schedule to see what locations we already have in store for 2022, or reach out to if you'd like to inquire about hosting a course at your own gym